Easter 2024 Activities for Children

Print Play Learn has Easter crafting and activity ideas for children.

In 2024, Good Friday 29th March and Easter Sunday 31st 2024 so be ready with a range of Easter printables. 

Easter is a great time to get children to play together and be creative. Here’s some quick ideas to set up over this Easter.

1. Easter Egg Hunt:

Print out Easter egg templates from printplaylearn.com and hide them around the play area. Encourage children to search for the eggs and collect them in a basket. You can also print out signs with clues to guide them to the hidden eggs. Try out our colour your own Easter Egg hunt activity pack. 

2. Easter Sensory Bin:

Print out Easter-themed flashcards featuring images of eggs, bunnies, and flower. Fill a sensory bin with materials such as shredded paper, plastic grass, and small plastic eggs. Add the printed flashcards to the sensory bin for children to explore and engage in sensory play.

3. Easter Egg Number Hunt:

Print out numbered Easter egg template and hide them around the room or outdoor play area. Provide children with baskets or bags to collect the eggs. Once all the eggs are found, have the children line them up in numerical order, reinforcing number recognition and sequencing skills.

4. Easter-themed Colouring Sheets:

Print out Easter-themed colouring sheets featuring bunnies, chicks, eggs, and spring flowers. Set up a colouring station with crayons, markers, and pencils for children to express themselves artistically. If you need some Easter colouring templates then try these. 

5. Easter Bunny Mask Making:

Print out bunny mask template onto cards (download below). Provide materials such as markers, crayons, cotton balls, and glue for children to decorate and assemble their own Easter bunny masks. This activity promotes creativity and role-playing.

Have a look at the Print Play Learn Easter library of resources. 

rabbit mask print play learn

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