Stylish, Montessori-inspired Printable Teaching Resources Designed to Boost Learning Through Play!

Childhood should be simple. Filled with silliness and love. Bear hugs and outdoor adventures. But, when school age hits things can often be overcomplicated. Pressure increases for children, parents and their teachers. Simplicity is replaced with busyness. In our lives, in our homes, on our classroom walls! Print Play Learn was born to joyfully fight against the busyness of today’s mainstream teaching pressures and offer educators (and their children) another way. More time. More beauty. More wonder. More fun. Founded by former Deputy Head teacher & SENDCo, Michelle Poulson, each of our original resources is shaped by experience as an advocate for respectful, joyful teaching that celebrates the independence and imagination our children are capable of.
Each of our EYFS & Primary teaching resources feature:

  • Subtle colour palettes which won’t distract or overwhelm your children
  • Clear fonts designed to aid reading and handwriting
  • Simple, beautiful illustrations and art you’ll be happy to display on your walls
  • Open-ended, play-focused opportunities that empower and encourage rather than dictate

Our resource library includes:

  • Classroom displays and lettering
  • Themed topic prompts and playdough mats
  • KS1 Literacy, Maths & Science
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills

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