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Phonics Play Pack

Welcome to the Phonics Play Pack. Included are 40 different phonic games. They are aimed at Early Years Foundation Stage as well as Year 1 and 2. Challenges and tips are included to help differentiate the games for the individual needs of your child or class.

This Phonics Play Pack is a great teaching resource to have in the classroom to quickly set up fun practical games. I created the Phonics Play Pack as a quick reference for teachers when they are planning, or for parents to set up a little activities at home. I find it really hard sometimes to retain interesting ideas, so this is a great way to have them all in one place.

The activities are aimed to be practical and easy to set up to support the learning of phonics at home or in school. Many of the flashcards you need to support the games can be downloaded from the Play Pack section.

Hopefully it will save teachers and parents time, as well as making fun activities for children to be able play and learn about phonics.


A printable teaching resource for Early Years (EYFS), reception, nursery, KS1 (Key Stage 1), Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms.

Making printable resources for both home and school by Print Play Learn.

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