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Follow these instructions to make the purple coloured play dough for this invitation to play. You can of course just use bought play dough but I prefer home made as it’s softer for smaller hands.

Once I have the play dough, I collect objects suitable for my son to play with; glass pebbles (I’ll always watch him but I know he won’t eat these), shells, and pirate coins.

I added numbers to the back of some glass pebbles, and these could be hidden within the play dough. This could easily be added to the shells as well or instead of. Other ways to extend counting would be by adding a number line, an empty number grid to count the items into. Having number cards could also help.

I love play dough as it’s easy to manipulate and has a range of textures. Objects can be pushed into it, hidden or rolled in it.

Other items which could be added could be small world characters in the pirate theme. The invitation to play could also be extended to a tuff spot tray where you can create different areas; sand, water, and play dough.

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It would be great to see this being used and extended. Remember to share any photos tagged with #harrietviolet!

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