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Here is my step by step recipe for making play dough. I made a dark purple play with these instructions but it can be easily adapted to a colour of your choice. I chose to use icing colour to make the colour, which is more of a paste and makes a stronger colour than food colouring.



First I add oil into the saucepan then I add the dry ingredients. I leave the water until last. If you are using Brusho the powder should be mixed into the water before pouring into the saucepan. If you are using food colouring or icing colour just add this to the saucepan.

Whilst mixing, gently heat the mixture over a medium heat. Once the ingredients start to join together it will begin to go sticky, keep mixing until it forms a big ball. If it appears too dry add a little more water. To make glossy looking play dough, add a few drops of glycerin whilst stirring. This can also be added during the time you knead the dough.

Once it’s formed a ball, leave it to cool slightly. Next put the ball of play dough out onto the surface and knead. I use baking paper underneath the play dough and knead it for 5-10 minutes. It’s important to knead at this stage to make the play dough lovely and soft. It’s now ready to play with. I share the play dough on it’s own, with tools, or with different items. Play dough can be easily adapted for different play and learning activities.

To keep the play dough for longer keep it in an air-tight pot or a ziplock bag. Apart from changing the colour of the play dough, you could also change the experience by adding different essential oils or herbs; such as rose, lavender or rosemary. Another way to change the appearance is to mix two colours together.

I hope you enjoy making this play dough. I would love to see your creations and hear how you get on. Let me know in the comments below, and share using #harrietandviolet.

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