We now sell homemade Play Dough!

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We sell Play Dough! 

It’s very exciting I have decided to sell play dough through an Etsy shop.  Currently in the shop I sell individual pots but if there are any teachers out there who need to save time and have it made for them I would also be able to help. There will be other items appearing soon so keep a look out!

Play dough is an amazing resource to use with children of any age. The benefits of using play dough for play is amazing and the scope for imagination is infinite. Children need to have as many sensory experiences as possible and play dough can be just one of them.

I use play dough nearly every day with my toddler, it is an activity which he loves and it’s super easy to vary the play and learning with it. Here are just a few ways I love to use play dough:

  • Play with the play dough – poke, roll, squeeze, prod, pull, push or join.
  • Make your initials or name by rolling the play dough into letters.
  • Make a number line or your age.
  • Use cookie or play dough cutters to create different shapes, join them together.
  • Push objects in it to create different textures. Start by using toy animals, use the feet, head or face to get an imprint.
  • Press in shells, paint brushes or everyday objects. 
  • Colour mixing – mix 2 different coloured play dough together.
  • Set up a theme by relating it to a book – beach, water, park, space etc.
  • Create fun aliens and monsters – using google eyes.
  • Make a robot.
  • Push into moulds – silicone ice trays are great for this.
  • Use play dough mats – create objects to put on them.
  • Use lolly sticks or straws to join the play dough.
  • Create a face.
  • Make an animal.
  • Make shapes – 2D or 3D (circle, cube).
  • Make a tea set.

The possibilities are endless! I’ll be posting more on my site soon. If you have any other ideas please share them.


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“I’m ready to get printing, get playing and watch them learn!”