10 Ways to Pick Home Decor that Encourages Play 

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10 Ways to Pick Home Decor that Encourages Play 


Ever wondered how you can make your home more playful while still ensuring it’s a space that grown-ups can enjoy too? The right home decor could be just the thing!  


Here are 10 ways to pick the accessories for your home which will nurture your child’s play experiences: 


Durable furniture little ones can climb on 

Instead of repeating yourself about not jumping on the furniture, how about choosing some pieces which your kids can safely climb on and jump off. It could be a sturdy sofa or a strong table… whatever you judge to be safe and feel comfortable with getting a bit worn! 


Soft furnishings which can be chucked around 

While those without kids are picking their cushions and blankets for the aesthetic appeal, take into consideration what you could add to your home which can double up as a fun play prop! Decide what cushions you’d be happy for your children to use as stepping stones and what blankets would make the perfect den roof. The more of these items you have accessible, the more flexibility they can have as they imagine.  


A playmat or rug 

If you have wooden floorboards or laminate, a large playmat or rug is another useful addition to encourage play. Perfect for babies and toddlers who need a soft surface to explore on but also good for older kids when they want a safe space to practice rolls or to get out their Lego without the risk of losing pieces down the cracks. 


Artwork that inspires or teaches too 

Whether it’s prints, posters or their own creations, adding art to your walls is a lovely way to add a playful touch to your home and encourage fun! 


Our Print Ply Learn prints are made on sturdy plywood so they look great on a shelf but can also be brought down to use as part of open-ended play and learning opportunities.  


Feature toys as part of the decor 

Displaying toys is a popular playful decorating technique and allows you to emphasise play as a central feature of your home. Letting your kids have their own spaces to showcase their Lego builds or other creative masterpieces is a lovely idea too.  


Install some blackout blinds or thick curtains 

Blackout blinds aren’t just suited to getting little ones to sleep, they encourage play. Shut the curtains and hand over some torches and you’ve got instant fun! Also handy for creating home cinema set-ups or calming sensory spaces.  


Infuse all the colour! 

Colour is such a simple way to make everything feel more playful. Think about how you can add pops of colour to your home to encourage a light and joyful atmosphere. 


Bring the playground inside 

Ok, not always practical, but isn’t it every child’s dream to have a slide in their home?! If you’re blessed with the space and resources, think about how you could  bring elements of outdoor play inside. Think, a slide, a treehouse, a door frame swing… Imagine! 


Opt for portability 

Kids love it when they have the freedom to move around the furniture and create their own worlds, so think about how you can maximise the opportunities for this. For example, lightweight tables and chairs are great for arranging into vehicles and bean bags can be used as targets to jump on. 


Arrange your decor to create hiding spaces 

The way you arrange your decor can also have an impact on how playful your home is. Can you arrange things so there are safe nooks and crannies for hiding in when their imagination calls for it? 


Which of these suggestions sounds like the best way to add more playfulness to your home? Let me know on Instagram @printplaylearn, I’d love to hear what you think. Plus, for more ideas on making home life more playful, see our other blogs here. 

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