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Since starting Print Play Learn I’ve wanted to create products for children. I wanted to combine my knowledge from working with children and my love of interiors to create learning posters for the home that you don’t mind having on your wall.

So, what is Print Ply Learn?

No, that’s not a typo. I wanted to make a learning product for children that was stylish for your home. Each of the products I make is with the child and their individual learning styles in mind.

So, this is the perfect solution; screen-printing on plywood would create an alternative to an educational poster.

I have dyslexia and normal home learning posters printed onto white paper are challenging to read, they often glare and reflect. I wanted to support children so they wouldn’t have the same problem. The soft smooth ply colour helps and supports by being less reflective. Other benefits of the ply learning boards are that they are re-usable.

The ply learning boards are strong enough to lean against the wall or pop onto a shelf ready to be used if needed.

I’m releasing two different styles, to begin with. I have chosen to release the alphabet song image to support children with letter recognition as well as a hundred square.

When are they released?

Pre-orders open on Friday 25th June. This will be a limited batch of boards as I will be making them myself. Watch this reel to see how I handmake each one. Each of the Print Ply Learn boards are handmade. I have designed them, then screen-printed, and carefully packed each one. They will be sent out in a starch packaging to ensure it is protected when sent in a recycled hardback envelope. Each board comes with suggestions on how to display and use the ply board.

Update: Print Ply Learning is LIVE. Pre-order now. 

Any questions then get in touch, thanks, Elle.

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