12 Quick Alternative Ways to use LEGO at home

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Like most people, we are finding many more hours spent at home. A favourite in our house is LEGO and this is such an amazing resource for play and learning. So at Print Play Learn, I wanted to create some alternative ways to play with it. For younger children use larger bricks such as DUPLO or Mega Bloks.


  • Build something that floats
  • Sensory play with bricks in water
  • Have a bath and chuck in the LEGO
  • Pop it in water and freeze it – hammer it out of the ice or use salt or warm water to rescue the LEGO



  • Making containers or funnels to put the sand into
  • Just building with bricks on a different surface
  • Hiding the bricks in the sand


  • Make each number from the LEGO – you could use a base board to support this
  • Challenge to build towers with different amounts of bricks


  • Make your name
  • Make letters using the bricks
  • Stick stickers onto the bricks or use a whiteboard pen to create simple words


  • What’s the tallest tower you can make?
  • Can you make a round building?
  • What the widest object you can build can it hold your toy?
  • Make 2D or 3D shapes
  • Comparing the shape and sizes of different bricks


  • Use the instructions that come with the LEGO to follow, there are also YouTube videos to support building
  • You and your child have the same bricks – they build, you copy, then swap
  • Make a maze out of LEGO on a base board and get a ball to move around it
  • Build your own game – could you make a bat or ball with the LEGO and invent a game? (bowling, hoopla, marble run)


  • Push into play dough and make different moulds from the LEGO
  • Use with kinetic sand


  • Pop paint into a tray or plate use the lego to dip in and make a number pattern, or a sky scraper with the different shapes


  • Colour sort the objects
  • Use different pieces of paper or found objects to match the colours – use objects around the home.
  • Make a rainbow


Ask the children what they would like to do! I think sometimes with spend ages thinking of ideas when actually their imagination works brilliantly


I’ve made this into a handy free download for you to print off at home. Print and Play! Do tag @printplaylearn if you try and of the activities.


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