15 Everyday Activities Kids Can Learn From 

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Everyday Activities Children Can Learn From

 If you’re eager to boost home-learning but seriously want to avoid boring worksheets, this list of everyday activities is for you. There’s so much children can learn from simply doing life with us! 


Washing up Give your child age-appropriate items to wash or dry up or get them to help you stack the dishwasher. The earlier basic household tasks become part of daily life the better (of course, it’s totally fine when you just want to get things quickly done yourself too!) 


Folding clothes – Some kids find folding things really fun and satisfying. The nice thing is it’s harmless if they get it wrong and genuinely hugely helpful when they get it right! 


Cleaning – If you don’t want your children to come to expect you to be the one who cleans up after them, get them involved. Even if they don’t do an amazing job, having your little ones have a go at dusting, wiping, hoovering etc shows them it’s a family job to keep your home somewhere they can all enjoy and helps your child learn a sense of responsibility (without it feeling like a punishment). 


Helping with the shopping list – Give your child independence by letting them help you with the shopping list. If they’re learning to write this can be an easy way to make their mark-making feel worthwhile, plus it’s always exciting if mum/dad lets them add something they want too! If your child is a bit older, they could also help do an online shop for you, to boost their computing skills. 


Helping unload shopping – Another shopping-related task, why not encourage your kids to get involved when it comes to unloading or unpacking the shopping? All the picking up is good for gross motor skills and it can be nice to discuss the items together as they’re put away. Do they know where it comes from? Do they know what it’s used for? 


Cooking – Instead of the usual baking cupcakes, let your children in on how dinner is made. Depending on their age they could help peel, chop, mix, pour, get things from the fridge/cupboard and fill pots & pans with water.  


Laying the table – An everyday job you can save yourself from by getting your children to help! They can learn where things go and how something seemingly quick and mundane is an important part of the family routine.  


Discussing how much things cost – When you’re next buying something for or with your child, discuss price, change, where money comes from and why it’s needed. 


Chatting about life – It’s not just money worth chatting about, conversation is such a powerful way for our children to learn at home in general. It’s amazing where a child’s questions can take you! Plus, when your child is interested in something and wants to discuss it, you know they’re more likely to take information in.  


Visiting friends and family – Don’t underestimate how kids are learning to socialise all the time simply by being part of family life. 


Interacting with shop staff etc – You can also model how to interact with ‘strangers’ when you’re out and about. You can teach them how to speak to people kindly and how to confidently ask for things, simply by doing it yourself.  


Self-care – Showering, cleaning teeth, brushing their hair, drinking enough water, taking time to rest – it’s all everyday learning stuff and a great way to show your child how important it is to look after themselves as well as others.  


Gardening – By looking after nature your children will learn how to respect the environment and what is needed to help it thrive. You don’t actually need a garden to do this, even having your kids help water indoor plants is a great lesson.  


Recycling – You could teach your children how to sort recycling (ie, what goes in what bin) and work as a family to see what products you could switch to save more waste from going to landfill. 


Litter picking – Help your children value their local community by talking to them about why it’s important to look after it and taking them on a litter picking trip. You’ll be surprised how much fun they find it. 


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15 Everyday Activities Kids Can Learn From  home education printplaylearn

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