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Halloween is a great time of year to have lots of fun with play and learning. I thought I would share a few ideas to support planning for October.

Pumpkin Painting

I loved doing this with my son. Before cutting out the pumpkin face, we decorated it with paint – it makes a change from them just being orange. I completely let him mark make what he wanted. If you wanted to have more of a theme or focus it would be good to paint the pumpkins white and have more of a blank canvas to work with.

Instead of painting the pumpkin, try these ideas:

Tuff Spot Ideas (or play tray)

Halloween Play Dough

I made some playdough using this recipe Halloween black play dough

Other ideas from my Play Dough Play Pack include;

Suggested Books

Do you like Halloween? Do you have any ideas you want to share. If you do throughout October @printplaylearn will be taking part in the #oct_playalong on instagram. We would love you to join us! My Pinterest shares loads of ideas so check it out.

Another place for a great ideas is Play Hooray, Claire’s made a miniplay PROMPTs set for Halloween which you can purchase directly from her site. She will also be doing #playingoutoctober so look out for that on her page, there will be loads of play ideas for getting outside!

If you want to check out Print Play Learn’s downloads then look under the Halloween Theme.

Any questions or just want to get in touch use my contact form or contact me on social media.

Have a great Halloween,


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