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Get ready to bring back joy and originality in the classroom with EYFS and Primary learning resources designed to playfully support the curriculum and help them meet their learning goals.

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Give your child a confident start on their educational journey with play-based printables designed to make learning together fun! Boost child development, find early years tips and advice, get to grips with phonics and more.

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What to be inspired? Read my Print Play Learn Blog, a celebration of play and learning from Early Years through to Primary age both at home and school.

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“As a former Deputy Headteacher & SENDCo, I know that teachers have less time than ever and yet as much passion for teaching as ever before! I’ve been there. I’ve spent long evenings planning, researching, learning more about what would benefit our children most – all in unpaid hours and often at the jeopardy of home life… Print Play Learn was born from my determination there must be another way. Less planning, more joy, and easy access to beautiful resources shaped by the latest research on child development.

I was tired of scrolling through the generic, overly bright classroom resources that were not a reflection of my teaching ethos. I longed for simple, stylish, open-ended teaching resources that respected the imagination and independence of children in the way I do. And so I began making my own!

If you’ve been trying to uncover learning resources which embrace childhood delight and wonder and save you time… Yay! You’re in the right place.”