6 Reasons why word mats support children

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Word mats, also known as word lists or word banks, are commonly used to support children in the early years but they are also beneficial to be used in both KS2 and beyond.

Print Play Learn has several word mats to support children and I wanted to share reasons why they are vital for supporting children.

1. Vocabulary Development

Word mats help children expand their vocabulary by providing them with a variety of words related to a specific topic. Exposure to a range of words enhances language development and communication skills.

2. Support for Writing Tasks

Word mats can be particularly helpful during writing activities. Children can refer to the mats to find appropriate words and phrases, reducing the frustration of trying to think of words independently. This support encourages them to express themselves more fluently in writing. Try these common exception/tricky word mats. 

3. Spelling Assistance

Word mats can aid in spelling by presenting correctly spelled words in context. Seeing words in their proper form helps reinforce correct spelling and promotes accuracy in written work. It can also take the pressure off worrying about spelling

4. Encouraging Independence

Having a word mat allows children to work more independently. They can refer to the mat when needed, giving them a sense of empowerment and confidence in their ability to complete tasks. Print off these sentence starter word lists and pop them in the cover of their literacy books or on a little pot on their table, so children can grab when they need support with writing.

5. Focus on Specific Topics

Word mats can be tailored to specific topics or themes, aligning with the curriculum. This targeted approach helps children build vocabulary related to the subjects they are studying. If children are learning about the seaside, try these Rock Pool word mats or seaweed word mats. 

6. Differentiation

Word mats can be adapted to different proficiency levels, allowing for differentiation in the classroom. Teachers can provide word mats with varying levels of difficulty to meet the individual needs of students.

Word mats serve as valuable tools in the educational toolkit, aiding children in developing language skills, supporting writing tasks, and fostering independence in their learning journey. Take a look at these word mats in the Print Play Learn resource library. 

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Discover the Print Play Learn resources and find out more about the benefits for you as a:

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