3 Ways to support the learning of phonics – a guide for parents

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Are you looking for simple ways to support the learning of phonics? This post is for you. This is a great place to start if you’re a parent and unsure how to support your child. Chances are you’re already doing many of these things.

1. Listen

  • For children to learn about phonics they need to able to listen.
  • Children need to experience the sounds around them. Go on a sound walk. You’ll be surprised how many sounds there are; voices, building noise, machines, road noise, animals, radios etc.  What can they hear? Can they recognise the sounds?
  • Children need to be read to, not just stories but labels, signs and text around them.

2. Talk

  • Children need to be spoken to and engage in conversations.
  • Read everything out loud and ask questions.
  • Nursery rhymes are a great way to start learning about rhyme and rhythm.
  • Singing is a great too, not everyone remembers nursery rhymes so it’s good to sing songs from the TV or radio.

3. Play

  • Children learn best through play, let them explore different sounds by letting them make sounds.
  • Exploring music and instruments. You don’t need actual instruments, use found objects to create sounds or body percussion (clapping, clicking).
  • Roleplay (shop keeper, chief, musician) is a great way to combine all of these things, listening, communicating and exploring. It’s great to take turns through play developing  talking and listening.


So there you are, listen, talk and play is the start to learning phonics. It’s not all about sounding out they’ll be doing that at school it’s more about play and having fun!  Phonics and reading should be enjoyable. If you want to check out phonics printable resources look at these.   Let me know if you try any of this at home. Thanks Michelle

phonic stones with wording parents guide to phonics 3 ways to support at home

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