10 Fun Kids Travel Games that Help Them Learn on the Go

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For those who’ve ever tried travelling with kids in the back seats, or taken a long train ride, it’s understandable that planning a family trip can often be filled with excitement yet dread! Keeping travel squabble-free takes forward planning (and snacks). Next time you’re prepping for a long journey, here are 10 fun kid’s travel games that will keep them occupied and boost their learning:

1. Look out for Registration Plates and learn ABCs

Turn spotting registration numbers into a lively alphabet-based game by challenging your kids to find plates that start with each letter of the alphabet on passing cars. This easy-peasy activity not only enhances letter recognition but can make a fun family competition as you see who can complete the alphabet quickest, or a collaborative effort to reach the end of the alphabet, taking it in turns.

2. Get Sign Spotting with Number Bingo

Transform travel time into a stealth maths lesson with Number Spotting Bingo. Create simple bingo cards and give your child a pen or stamper so they can tick off the numbers they see on signage you pass.

3. Flex their imagination using Story Cubes

A perfect learning prop to add to your travel bag is a set of story cubes, like Rory’s Story Cubes. Each dice has images on its sides, with the goal being to create a story inspired by the pictures that land face up. Storytelling is a brilliant way to boost creativity, language skills, and imagination while on the move. If you won’t have a travel table, pack an empty tuppaware box so your children have a handy space to roll them.

4. Pack a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re in a car, on a plane, or waiting at a train station, a scavenger hunt is an easy game to adapt to any travel scenario. All you need to do is create a list of items for your child to spot during the journey and have them tick them off. A lovely way to keep them engaged for a little while and build their attention to detail. These i-Spy books are also brilliant for ready-made scavenger hunt fun. 

5. Try I Spy with a Twist

Put a learning spin on the classic game of “I Spy.” Instead of just identifying objects, add a challenge by picking specific colours, shapes, or other describing qualities. For example, “I spy something blue”, “I spy something round”, “I spy something soft”.

6. Get matching with a game of Dobble

If you’re not familiar with Dobble, it’s a simple but fascinating matching card game – draw two cards and see who can spot the matching symbols first. No matter which two cards you pick, they will always have one image in common! How do they do it?! Perfect for journeying by car, train, boat or plane!

7. Make Travel Journals

How about encouraging your child to document their journey through drawings and stories? Not only does this develop their writing and artistic skills, but it also creates a memorable keepsake. Check out our simple template for a travel journal.

8. Play Word Association

Start with a word, and have your child come up with a related word. Take it in turns and see where you end up! It’s likely to lead to some serious giggles. This game both enhances vocabulary and strengthens the connections between words, making it a subtle yet effective language-building activity.

9. Try “Destination: Alphabet”

For each letter of the alphabet, take turns to try to come up with a word related to your travel destination.  It’s a great way to explore new vocabulary and get excited about the place you’re visiting.

10. Play with colours in Disney Colour Brain

For another fun game you can pack in your hand luggage, Disney’s Colour Brain is a simple family game which encourages kids to choose the right colour cards to represent a character or object on the picked card. If you pick the right colours, you win the round! Great for encouraging colour recognition, communication and memory skills.


Are you excited to try any of these games on your next trip? We’d love to hear which ones you give a go! Leave a comment on Instagram and don’t forget to take a look at our other articles for more playful learning ideas.

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