Print Play Learn’s Guide to Creative Christmas Gifts for Children 

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Print Play Learn’s Guide to Creative Christmas Gifts for Children 

Christmas gift shopping is hard. Especially when you want to choose thoughtful, sustainable gifts which will be enjoyed beyond Christmas day and save you and the planet waste! To make your life easier, here’s a round-up of 10 Christmas gifts for children that are low on plastic, high on creativity and very reasonably priced:

1. Create a Rainbow with Cotton Clara’s Embroidery Board Kit

Help your little one try their hand at embroidery for the first time with this simple embroidery kit that becomes a cute hanging decoration once it’s complete. Yay for a pretty keepsake us grown-ups can enjoy after they’ve had their fun.

Price: £6.95

Shop it here 

2. Build Your Own Matchbox Race Car Kit with Cotton Twist

For plastic-free stocking fillers, Cotton Twist is highly recommended. They’ve got a heap of eco-friendly small gifts to choose from, and this Build Your Own Race Car Kit is a lovely example. A nice activity to keep your child entertained early on Christmas morning or something to pop on the dinner table to keep them occupied a bit longer while you’re enjoying dinner.

Price: £3.25

Shop it here 

3. Gift Their First Weaving Loom from Conscious Craft

Teach your child the art of weaving with their very first loom. This wooden weave frame has grooves around the outer edge 15mm apart and has basic instructions to get you started. Buy a selection of yarns separately to go with it.

Price: £9.60

Shop it here

4. Make Friendship Bracelets with a Braided Cord Friendship Bracelet Kit from Sewcial Circle

Who doesn’t love the process of creating a friendship bracelet? Introduce this simple joy to your child with Sewcial Circle’s Braided Cord Friendship Bracelet Kit or one of their other craft sets. A nice activity for a rainy day; great for strengthening fine motor skills and patience.

Price: £17

Shop it here

5. Design A T-shirt with Little Mashers T-shirt Creator Kit

Find out if you’ve got a budding fashion designer in the making with this fun design t-shirt kit from Little Mashers. Use the stencils included or just go wild with the fabric paint! The best bit is that they can wear their masterpiece after.

Price: £21

Shop it here

6. The Flower Press Kit from The Den Kit Company

Try this wooden flower press kit from The Den Kit Company for a traditional gift that never gets old. It has everything you need to start pressing natural delights to later use in art pieces or just wonder at. 

Price: £24.50

Shop it here

7. Get Colouring with the Jam Tart Christmas Alphabet Colouring Book

Encourage a calm moment on Christmas day (or at least try!) with this Christmas Colouring Book from Jam Tart. Filled with Christmassy illustrations to colour as you go from A-Z.

Price: £6

Shop it here

8. Embrace Nature’s Magic with The Den Kit Co Potion Making Kit  

There’s no better place to get messy than outdoors, so this natural potion-making kit from The Den Kit Company is the perfect set for garden play. It comes with a mixing beaker, funnel, sieve, reusable bottles, a selection of spices & herbs – and more. You can also buy an extension kit.

Price: £24.50

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9. Encourage a Creative Eye with this Biodiversity Kaleidoscope from Londji

Gift your child with a world of colour and pattern at their fingertips with this beautiful vintage-style Kaleidoscope. It’s one of those toys you’ll be more than happy to have lying around the house – it’s so pretty!

Price: £9.99

Shop it here

10. Blast Off for Adventure with a ReCycleMe Space World Craft Kit

Do your kids love to raid the recycling box? If so, they’ll love this space-themed craft kit from ReCycleMe. This set has everything you need to turn unwanted junk into space rockets, UFOs, aliens, and a jet pack!

Price: £12.95

Shop it here

Which of these creative kids’ gifts excites you most? Head over to Instagram and let me know if you decide to buy anything from the list! Plus, don’t forget to browse the PrintPlayLearn blog for more creative learning ideas for the early years.


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