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Welcome to a series about ‘Playful Businesses’ businesses which can give play ideas and activities to do with children.

Since starting Print Play Learn I have come across some amazing businesses making playful, joyful items to support children.

Little Wise Toys is a brilliant business. I found it when I won a competition which included the Phonics Pack. It’s a brilliant pack which I have used with my children. Have a read below to find out more. 

Tell me about you!

My name is Michelle. I am the founder and designer of Little Wise Toys. I live in South East London with my just turned nine year old daughter who has her very own business name, Little Wise Junior (she is also my Artistic Director!).

I used to work in central government in the Department of Health and Department for Education in a variety of roles focused on children and young people’s policy from pre-school through to the teenage years. The beginning of the Little Wise Toys’ concept started forming in my mind one day. One thing led to another and the business was born.

Some other things that I like… good music, a book I can get lost in (fiction and non-fiction), walking, a gripping drama series, and good food with good company and a nice cold glass of vino. I also love being a mum to Little Wise Junior who has been a big source of inspiration for Little Wise Toys.

Michelle Little WIse Toys

Tell me about your business?

Little Wise Toys is a small business which specialises in creating educational toys for 3-6 year olds that offer a fun, interactive, engaging and hands on learning bridge between home and early years settings/early school.  The products cover a range of areas such as phonics, maths, emotions, dinosaurs and more. I’m also currently in the process of developing a brand new product that will focus on nurturing the development of confidence, resilience and happiness of 6-12 year olds.

Why did you start your business?

A lot of different things inspired me to start Little Wise Toys.   I have always been interested in children and young people’s development and gained great insight and experience in my previous roles in government.   I reached a point in my life where I was keen for a more flexible way of working to fit around my role as a mum. I love researching, writing and creating ideas from a blank canvas. I also feel passionate about how much we can influence and encourage a love of learning, as well as lay key foundations from a young age so that we can help to open the doors to opportunities in life.   With this in mind, creating Little Wise Toys seemed like a really natural next step for me.

A lot of different ideas have inspired the Little Wise Toys’ concept, many of which have derived from my own experience of being a mum. To name a few…

I wanted to provide an accessible and engaging learning bridge for parents and children between home and early years settings/early school.


I was also keen to ease any overwhelm by providing resources where there is no need to be an expert in areas such as phonics, maths, nurturing the development of social and emotional intelligence and early years frameworks (the kits provide all the guidance that is needed). In support of this, I wanted to develop products that give parents and carers the confidence that they are complimenting their children’s learning in line with what they are exploring in early years settings/early school. This is why the kits have been informed by the EYFS and KS1 of the curriculum.


I was also keen to take things back to basics in many ways as I was wanted to design hands on and engaging learning options that involve no screens, yet still offer plenty of opportunities for interaction, exploration and imagination.


In light of the ‘screen-free app’ concept, each activity box is nice and compact (barely bigger than a book), making them an ideal alternative to use on the move, as well as at home.

Little Wise Toys Print Play Learn



Play Tip

“Plant a small seed and then let your child’s imagination soar. I also think it’s great to let kids get a bit bored sometimes too as some of their most creative moments can come out at these times. Finally, when a little one makes a mistake with something, it’s great to let them know that mistakes are good because they help us to grow and learn new things. 

Little Wise Toys Print Play Learn phonics

You can find Little Wise Toys at the following places:


Website –

Instagram –

Facebook –


I love bands from the 90s. Amazing music was made then, so I thought I would share a band or song they liked from the 90s:

That’s a tricky question as there are so many. OK, I’ll go with the first top five songs that spring to mind… Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin), Here Comes the Sun (the Beatles), Lean on me (Bill Withers), One More Time (Daft Punk) and Time (Pink Floyd). Ohhhhhh, I was enjoying that…

Do you have a Playful Business? If so get in touch, I would love to hear from you. You could be feature on our Get Inspired Page and across social media! Just drop me an email, thank you, Michelle


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