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I created this ocean play dough scene using one of the invitations to play from my Play Dough Play Pack.

First I used the coloured play dough recipe to create a light blue play dough.

What you need:

What to do:

Next I decided on adding some underwater creatures as my son has been interested in them as we had recently used the Wee Gallery Underwater book. Alongside the creatures I popped in a couple of shells, glass pebbles and a little glitter.

Who's in the ocean book

I didn’t add any play dough tools to start with. Rex chose to add his scissors to chop some of the play dough, he tried using them like tweezers to pull the creatures out of the dough. We also found a large shell which he wanted to incorporate into his play. It’s great to watch him manipulate the play dough. I had previously used the glass beads and shells in the Pirate invitation to play and he spotted the numbers which were written! Yay, this made me happy that he noticed without any prompting.

To extend this activity and use in school here are few ideas:

What kind of things would you add to your ocean scene? I would love to see so share #harrietandviolet on Instagram or Twitter.

buddybear tray playdough

Happy Playing

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