How to Create a Beautiful Home Learning Environment 

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How to Create a Beautiful Home Learning Environment  

Our children are always learning, which means their education doesn’t stop as soon as they get home from school or nursery – even if there’s no homework in sight. The best bit is, children learn so much through play, exploration and real life experiences too, so nurturing their learning at home isn’t necessarily about investing in workbooks but about creating inviting opportunities to use their own skills and curiosity. 


Here’s a look at how you can make your family space one that’s inspiring for them and for you: 


Create a space that’s comfortable for you to be with your kids 

If you want to watch your child learn or be there by their side as you learn together, you’ll want to make sure you have at least one child-centred space which you also find enjoyable to be in. A space that’s aesthetically pleasing and practical for both you and your children, so you’ll both feel inspired rather than frustrated. 


This could be as simple as making sure there’s a comfy chair and good lighting in their playroom, or rejigging your kitchen-diner so you can set-up invitations to play or create while you watch on as you prepare meals – whatever works for your family set-up. 


Dedicated surfaces for hands-on work 

You might think a formal desk is required for at home learning, however any work surface where your child can set out creative materials or have their messy play set-up is fine. Most kids aren’t fussy about where they get stuck into the things they’re interested in, sometimes you might find them on the sofa with a tray other times they might want to be on the floor with a piece of board which you can shove behind a piece of furniture when not in use (bye-bye unnecessary eye-sores). 


The great thing about portable options like trays or boards, is that you can also easily take them outdoors for a change of environment! 

Make the most of lighting 

To really create a beautiful home learning environment, the lighting needs to be just right! Natural lighting where possible would be the obvious choice, allowing your children the best possible lighting for playing and creating. However if you don’t have that option, you can get natural light style light bulbs.  


Having things like battery powered fairy lights, torches and colour-changing LEDs are also a good investment if you want to change the mood, encourage imaginative play or make shadow puppets! 


Artwork that teaches 

Prints and posters are not only a lovely way to express personality in your home, they can be inspiring learning tools too – whether it’s quotes and mantras you’d like your children to remember or open-ended learning props like the alphabet or number lines.  


Take a look at our ‘Print Ply Learn’ Wooden Alphabet Poster Print and Number Hundred Square for example of artwork that can be both attractive and practical, made to withstand exploring little hands.  


Display well designed toys 

Don’t you love it when you discover a toy you’re just as happy to look at as your child is to play with? Toys can make amazing home decor items! What’s more, a display of toys which you change occasionally can be a welcoming invitation to play – Montessori style. 


A place to treasure and honour their creations  

With all the learning that’s going on, don’t forget a place to reflect on their progress and creations. You could make a beautiful framed gallery wall of their works or opt for a more hands-on feature where they can hang/pin up the things they make or stories they write.  


Which of these tips would most benefit your home right now? Do let me know over on Instagram @printplaylearn. Plus, if you want any more playful home ideas see more articles here. 


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