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So this week I had a look at the Alphabet Books I use at home to support my 1 and 4 year old this is only part 1, yes I have a lot! I didn’t keep to three, there are four but really there are so many alphabet books which are amazing and I’ll do another part with flashcards.

1. DIY ABC from @smallprintbooks a brilliant interactive book. Great for developing fine motor skills.

2. ABC off to Sea think this was from @cissywears . I bought this as we live by the sea, but shares great illustrations and words related to the coast. It’s good to have relatable words so you can talk about the letters, sounds and alphabet. Not only words but a sentence as well.

3. An Alphabet @oliverjeffers again beautiful illustrations, showing both capital and lower case letters.

4. Alpha Block – Another hands on book, great as gives you the opportunity to feel the shape of the letter.

So, why are alphabet books good? The emphases with reading is phonics in schools, but it’s good to have an understanding of the alphabet. Sharing the order of the alphabet can help in the fruitier using word banks, handwriting prompts and dictionaries. It also helps reinforce different fonts and how letters can be written in different ways. Using a range of alphabet books also increases vocabulary.

Do you have any favourites?

Top Three recommendations

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