10 Household Items Great for Learning Through Play 

Do you want to encourage more play at home without buying any more toys? Then the good news is you’ve probably got some excellent play prompts sitting around your house ready to go! Here are 10 household items great for learning through play:    Cardboard tube  The opportunities are endless with a simple cardboard tube! …read more Read More

How to Get Your Child in the Mood to Learn at Home

How to Get Your Child in the Mood to Learn at Home As parents across the country face the prospect of Zoom-schooling again, I thought it would be worth putting together some ideas on how we can get our children in the mood to learn and make the ‘no school’ experience easier on us all… …read more Read More

Pockets of Play – Guest Post by Wendy Duncan

Pockets of Play I was recently interviewed for the Home Education Hub. During my interview, I came up with the phrase ‘Pockets of Play’ to describe setting up small areas of easily accessible play around the house. Setting Up Setting up pockets of play around the home helps to mix up the play experience. I’m …read more Read More